March 26, 2020

Purchase, NY–March 12th… Dr. Liviu Saimovici, the Republican and Conservative parties’ endorsed candidate for New York’s 37th State Senate District, called for calm and solutions in the face of the current Coronavirus outbreak. Dr. Saimovici, a Board-certified physician and member of the Mt Sinai Hospital Medical Staff and School of Medicine Faculty with offices in Purchase, NY called for the state to develop a comprehensive plan to combat public health crises. “While it’s become clear that state and local governments were woefully unprepared for the burgeoning Coronavirus crisis, steps must be taken to ensure that we effectively combat this outbreak and are never placed in this situation again,” said Dr. Saimovici. “First and foremost, New York’s Department of Health should focus on ensuring that 1) proper plans and protocols are in place, 2) proper equipment, including surgical masks and protective equipment is available for medical professionals and the community at large, 3) enough capacity exists in hospitals and at other medical facilities to handle the influx of patients and 4) there are a sufficient number of medical professionals available to staff these facilities.” Dr. Saimovici continued, “Specifically, the Department of Health should be prioritizing the following measures to keep our communities safe and prepared for further COVID-19 patients.” 

1) Producing more testing equipment and testing kits, including at home testing, to help identify carriers and combat the spread and effects of COVID-19.

2) Producing more antiviral medication and assuring that adequate supplies of ALL medications are available and produced in the US. 

3) Working with top-flight medical institutions to develop vaccines and antiviral agents that will help patients suffering from COVID-19 while preventing future spread of the virus.

4) Increasing access to telemedicine and working with insurance companies to eliminate any barriers for patients and physicians.

5) Planning for an influx of patients at local healthcare facilities and ensuring those locations have enough rooms and beds to deal with the influx.

6) Working with the New York National Guard to identify healthcare workers and doctors within their ranks who can be deployed to regional hotspots to contain the coronavirus outbreak and limit community spread.

7) Contracting companies to produce more medical and surgical masks, which offer an added degree of protection, for use by doctors and patients, as well as the public at large, which helps prevent further spread of the pathogen.

8) Investing in electronic sanitizing equipment and disinfecting equipment to ensure that the Metropolitan Transit Authority and Westchester Department of Transportation, specifically Metro-North and the Bee-Line Bus System, are able to keep their fleets of transit vehicles pathogen-free.

9) Coordinating with the Department of Education to identify retired physicians who can partake in a one-time medical license reactivation program to ensure enough medical professionals are available to treat a large surge in the number of patients.

“State government must act aggressively to ensure the health and safety of Westchester County residents,” said Dr. Saimovici. “The state must work quickly and efficiently to ensure that this outbreak is contained and that we are better prepared to combat public health emergencies in the future.” ###