Dr. Saimovici knows the crushing tax burden put on New Yorkers by our wasteful state and local governments. One of his top priorities as our next State Senator will be to cut back on wasteful spending at the state level in order to deliver real tax relief to local homeowners and businesses.

Public Safety

Last year, radical politicians in Albany put our public safety at risk with their misguided bail and discovery “reforms.” This is something Shelley Mayer celebrated in her post-budget press release, calling the changes “historic.” Dr. Saimovici’s top priority is to repeal the disastrous bail and discovery reforms that make our community less safe.


For too long, school districts in NY-37 have received too little funding. Dr. Saimovici will fight for proper funding of each of our school districts, as he understands how critical good schools are for childhood development and property values.


Our state’s infrastructure has received a C- grade from the American Society of Civil Engineers. That’s simply not good enough for the Empire State. Dr. Saimovici is committed to improving our infrastructure and mass transit systems, while reducing the waste, fraud, and abuse too often found on large-scale projects.


Dr. Saimovici has first-hand experience in the healthcare industry and he believes it’s critical we continue to provide world-class care to New Yorkers, while holding insurance companies accountable for price-gouging. Dr. Saimovici will work to make sure our healthcare system is the best it can be, in order to keep our community healthy. Whether that means modernizing our healthcare and using AI to solve problems and diagnose issues, or removing burdensome regulations that stand in the way of opening more healthcare facilities, Dr. Saimovici is committed to ensuring Westchester County remains a leader in the healthcare space.